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Unanimous....anyone watching this???


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New reality show on Fox, I watched the first episode and it was ok. I'll watch the second episode to see if it's any good....

This article made me chuckle a bit tho, but I'll still give it a chance, in yo face drama how can I complain......

"Unanimous" verdict: avoid this show
Tuesday March 21 7:26 PM ET

Fox's "Unanimous" confirms that producers are getting worse at masking just how little reality actually goes into their reality shows.

This irredeemably lame effort comes across as more scripted than most primetime comedies. As such, it feels far closer to genre self-parody than it does the genuine article: wildly overproduced and characteristically overbearing, with a concept that plays as utterly insipid.

Billed as "a dynamic hybrid of unscripted drama and competition" (whatever that means), "Unanimous" takes nine contestants with clear intellectual shortcomings and cloisters them in a bunker to see how long it will take them to crack. They all sit around a futuristic sphere of a table listening to an emotionless female voice bark out commands and watching a Big Brother-esque host, Andy Dick lookalike JD Roth, emerge as a disembodied head on a screen and issue hard-core declarations like "Failure has dire consequences!"

The big idea here is that there is $1.5 million in cash at stake and all nine of these dweebs have to agree on which one of them will get to keep it. The rest get zippo. For every minute that ticks by without a unanimous vote, the total prize payout dips. This is a flawed premise for several reasons, chiefly that it would seem a no-brainer for them all to secretly agree to choose one from among themselves at random and then split the pot nine ways later on. Nothing is mentioned in the opening stanza that specifically forbids this. It's also unclear what the criterion might be for picking someone. Does financial need override having a nice chest? Oooh, philosophical depth!

Because the game could purportedly end at any time, the length of the series is open-ended. It's barely 10 minutes along and the sniping already has begun in earnest between the homophobic minister and the gay office manager. The early money is on the truck driver with the heart of gold, especially after the "ladies' man" (spoiler alert!) creates a fable about having testicular cancer in a scummy -- and no doubt producer-orchestrated -- play for sympathy.

Someone is eliminated regularly in voting done using high-tech orbs for no discernible reason, and we're supposed to believe that the monosyllabic poker player has less of a shot than the soccer mom to land the big payday. But it requires a massive leap of faith to label "Unanimous" the controlled social experiment it aspires to be. It's really more about how spectacularly annoying they can make the relentless soundtrack and how mock-Orwellian the echo chamber environment. With any luck, the Thought Police will be called in any minute to stop the madness, though not before it pulls in big-time premiere numbers thanks to its inexplicable positioning by Fox behind the "American Idol" finals.

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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
I think you and I are probably the only ones, Louie :p

Good show though!


I think it's time to start the petition to brind back Paradise Hotel, come on Fox you know that, that show would kill in the rating beside this show!!

PS- that bible thumper balck woman is annoying as hell......well God says this and The Lord says that, she told the gay dood he's going to hell..WTS?!?!

after all that preaching she did when it came time to release the secrets for certain people it was funny to find that she claimed bankrupcy eventhough she had money stashed away!

Thou shalt not steal BIATCH!!!! but the first things she says is she has to direct everyone attention to another of the secrects besides hers.......where's the lord now????
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