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un-warping vinyl ???

el Guapo

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need some tips on how I may go about getting some of my warped vinyl back to playable condition..........can't deal with the wobble!
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Run it under hot water then put under something heavy on a flat surface. Do this a couple times and it should be fine.



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Technique One

This technique assumes that you're not in a hurry to reuse this record. Simply place the warped record at the bottom of a heavy stack (usually records). After some time, the record(s) will begin to flatten. Be sure that the record(s) is on a flat surface. The amount of weight on the record, the length of time under the stack, and even the room temperature will determine when your record becomes playable. In extreme cases, it may take years for the record to straighten.

i've used this technique with some success... but the record is still slightly warped...
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I tried the iron previously. Didn't change the grooves, or unwarp it.

It remains the same.

I poured hot water from the bathtub on it too. That didn't work either.:D

I shall try sauce's idea


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ah yes, I had this problem once.
I left my vinyll in the car overnight, slept in the next day, and woke up to a nightmare. About 50 records warped all to shit.

What I did:

Kept all the records in their respective cases, stacked them on top a big flat sheet of wood. Stacked them on top of each other and covered the top with another slab of wood that had a couple cinder blocks on it. This was done outside on a really hot day for the duration of the day, it took two sessions to get the records into working order. Hope this helps.

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