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Um.... right


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? ? ?

So... I just got sattelite, and have been loving the bpm channel, even if it's somewhat on the cheese tip

but... er...

Room 208

i've been watching that for the last 15 minutes and ..

oh god, some really fat chick in dancing in a halter/belly top
seriously, this show is full of young skanks with creepy men and dance music playing

I'm almost tempted to think this is government sponsored propaganda

oh now someones doing the "sprinkler"

I dunno, after the lip-sync routine, I'm very afraid

i think it's time to read a book

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I just enjoy the fact that due to breaks being huge down there, a lot of the dj's on the show are playing that genre.
mind you, the show itself ain't much to talk about.
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
You're disturbed by a fat chick but not the fact that the show is populated by 13 year olds and the camera is locked at crotch level?
Originally posted by HotSauce
seriously, this show is full of young skanks
That fact disturbs me very much.

but the show pretty much disturbs me in general and is not limited to the likely high percentage of pedophile viewers.