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Ultra Violet Artist


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Hello here are some samples of my art work

I dont have many of my Uv paintings on my sites at the moment but I am creating more more more.......... This is the tip of my iceburg MY SITE MY DREAM

drop me an email and I send samples or sketches email is earthtribe@gardener.com

I paint vip rooms in clubs or chillout spaces have all sorts of tricks

sculptures any size glow in the dark and uv................



/\ /\ DJ ELF in da mix /\ /\ white clay fired and for sale like all other pics here even the van!!!!


fimo uv and glow in the dark Spirit drummer about 5 inche's tall

\/ \/Nomal light\/ \/ -------------------/\ /\glow in the dark/\ /\



My art studio/ van still finishing off for the spring and summer... best thing is she runs on vegi oil or Bio diesel

increase the peace


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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hey guys the vans not finished yet Im going for a japanese house and gardens on this one if you check out http://earthtribal.blogspot.com you can see what it used to look like this is the new 2006 look :)

as for the bio about an acre runs it for a year all over the uk.....

way cheaper and better than diesel with no conversion needed check BIODIESEL FORUMS for the low down on how to make your own......

the diesel engine was firat invented for peanut oil:O

p.s before we get too lost on pot dont forget the paintings lol

anyone want designs done just drop me a line
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Hey, I've actually came across your artwork before from other websites - I like it, good stuff.
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vans for sure are the way forward I got a art studio in the back of my van this is a pic of last years look


and here is a pic of a vw van I did up last year


This is how he wanted it.........

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