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UkG mix


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Rendevous Craig David
Out of Reach Gabrielle
Totally Addicted To Base Hyper Mix
The Jug High Grade
Back up Back up Featuring Slarta John Blowfelt
Ruff Like Me Mj Cole
Urban Myth E.S. Dubs
Gangster Beat Public Demand
Put your Hands Up Reflex Featuring MC Viper
Joy featuring MC Mark Ruff Ryder Relentless
You Can't Stop Me (Stephan Emanuel Remix) Basement Jaxx
Ready or Not J.J. Louis + Sovereign
Push it Remix Featuring MC B Live White
Gotta Get Through Daniel Bedingfield
Sexy Cinderella Featuring MC Hyperactive White
Remix The Sun Simon Paul White
Sweetest Taboo Glam Kid + Shola Ama
Gabrielle Large Joints remix
Selena Versus B-15 Project Original Bull Ring Edit
Little Man Sia
I Need Your Love Agent X remix
Decoy Agent X Vocal Bashment Mix

Yeah not my most technically perfect mix dj's.. but my first online so i'm actually quite excited.
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Adrian Dorazio

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A fantastic mix!!!!
This mix covers a wide variety of tracks, some hard tracks, some vocal tracks, some hard tracks.
Wait for the jackson 5 remix about halfway.
Fucking great.