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Uh...Wintergalactic...what's going on?

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Originally posted by *tranner*
I'm still going, even if it's for only one reason: support. Andre's right when he said that they've thrown some of the best parties in Toronto, so as a company they still deserve my patronage. They're the only ones out there willing to push things further, and complaining about how it's not working out is not going to make things better. It'll just make less people come out, which'll make things worse for everyone. I think the best thing to do is just hope for the best, and bitch about what didn't happen after the party.

This is the thinking I was refering to.
Originally posted by vinder
enough complaining. just go, you'll have fun.

isn't that what it's all about?


Originally posted by SUNKIST
respect what? i'll admit i don't really know whats going on...but as far as i can see they threw out an idea, never followed through with it-dicked people out of their money, changed the venue, changed the lineup, cut it make from 3 days to 1 nite, thats all fucked up now, website is down and theres people who dropped a fair amount of money expecting it to be a good party and now have no idea if theres even a party. theres nothing in there that i respect. anyone can do that.

Uh...well they lost they're venue, they didn't suddenly try to change everything around to purposely screw up the partier.
I respect that these guys are trying to push the envelope, and for that they get my support.
These things happen...it's happened to almost every promotion in town.

If people want a refund, why don't they just contact Sonic State instead of complaining about it on a message board? Seems kind of anti-productive to me.
Originally posted by Pest
The point is if these companies don't have money to put on an event DON'T. I don't think they should rely on pre-sale tickets when they can not guarantee an event.

werd to big bird.
way too many promoters in the past have been guilty of doing this.
I agree with Pest, I never buy advance tickets. It protects me from getting stuck with bum tickets and gives me the option of deciding not to go the day of the event. I view the $5 or $10 extra at the door as insurance against this.

Too bad for Sonic State though, I really enjoyed Tiesto.

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Fine, yes I did get advanced tickets because I'm like that.
However I think I'm just going to make the best of the situation and enjoy myself no matter what comes of this.

Maybe next time I won't be so eager to get advance tickets?

Oh well. We learn from our mistakes, so if you've got tickets - shut up and dance people!!!:p

I ran across one of the wintergalactic people on the streetcar yesterday and he said they are "deciding whether to still do a party or not" followed by "maybe we are better off postponing it..".

Not a good sign, when the event is scheduled for a few days from now.
Originally posted by alexd
I ran across one of the wintergalactic people on the streetcar yesterday and he said they are "deciding whether to still do a party or not" followed by "maybe we are better off postponing it..".

Not a good sign, when the event is scheduled for a few days from now.

oh dear :(

well maybe they could pull off a real two day event

and i'd get my money's worth
there was also a "maybe we are better off not doing it" in there too I recall.
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Yes, Alex and I ran into each other and I did say those things. Firstly though, allow me to interject and comment on some of the things people are saying.

Now maybe some of you don't know me so well, but i know some of you actually do. It is unbelievably hurtful for you to consider the fact that we planned to scam you out of money. We have put our heart and souls into each event that we've ever done, making sure that each partier felt comfortable and cared for. We never stopped getting better each event, and we never stopped giving more at each event. We focused on the vibe and the energy at each party, and made sure to bring in some of the greatest artists from all over the world....some even sold out...cough. ;) We don't do what everyone expects us to do..and we push the grain to the limit each time. Cheer Bear, you've been to every one of our events, i'm pretty sure, and you know me quite well. Why you are doubtful about our intentions baffles me.

Every event a group of amazing people come out to help decorate, and without them the parties wouldn't look so spectacular. We have always had such amazing support and we cherish each event, because it has always been a community effort. Sorta like a co-op event. ;) Everyone pitches in their ideas, thoughts, passion and creativity and we get something spectacular each time. No one person has ever complained openly on any boards about one of our parties, actually I have all the reviews and there isn't a single one. Not about the sound, production, dj's, vibe, anything. So why all of a sudden, because we are the one's getting fucked, do so many turn their backs? Human nature i presume.... :( Lack of information may also be a culprit. So let's get that out of the way at least.

Here's the deal..from start to finish. We had the venue booked. Everything was fine, we even had begun negotiations with the city and the police. Now imagine going to buy a car and the sticker price is 25,000. You go back the next day to purchase the car with 25g's in your pocket, and the salesman says to you..oh, by the way sir, the price went up to 45,000. It's easter long weekend, time and a half for everyone. 23 officers each night total...you do the math!

Our major sponsor pulled and we were left to hang. We've been doing everything in our power to pull this off. And it is stll two days...it is definitely a typo. The dj cuts are not so bad, only the fillers have been removed. The main one's people want to see are still booked. There will still be a free double cd with all the performing artists' original productions. Free copies of MIXER, free fruit, hotel accommodations with limousine transportation to and from the venue and every thing else we promised is still going to happen.....now let me wrap up.

Friday night at exactly 9pm EST someone hacked in to our website wintergalactic.com. Now our site has gone down like 3 times in the last week or so, but this was simply a bandwith issue with our hosting company. We paid some extra money and all was good. We host with websitesource.com and they are excellent people to deal with. It was internal errors, and though they dealt with the problem well we were getting very irritated with the internal difficulties they were having that was causing our site to blank 3 times. The hacker decided to pull down our site and redirect the site to directnic. Now we have to reload our site and send the redirect back, but this can't be done until monday, and it's convenient that directnic's office closes at exactly 7pm CST. Right on time for the job...how convenient. basards.

It's just getting too much lately, with all the sketchiness and everything we are all losing our patience. I can see it on the boards, talking to people and it scares me. As of now the party is still on 100%, but if that changes then we'll make up for it next year by actually doing it where it was supposed to be this year. we'll phone all the outlets and make sure they refund the service charge as well, so that way noone is out of money.

So, the site will be back up monday morning with all the new information. So check it and understand that we will always do everything we can to make you happy...even if it is going to lose money. we don't care about $$$...and i think that shows more than you all admit.

peace everyone....wish us luck.

I guess with all the shit going on it just sorta seems like it's not worth it. or is it? we'll see i guess, check the site monday around 6pm....the answer will be there.


"your heart will only yell out loud when something you believe in has been taken from your soul, yet your soul understands and thusly you shed tears"
We don't do events for the dj's, we do events for the enjoyment of the environment, music and the people. It is about the experience everyone, not the dj's. We have to learn to get away from the common practice of believing that the bigger the names the better the party. Fact 1, names mean shit. Fact 2, the vibe means EVERYTHING!! PERIOD.......

The *vibe* is a hypothetical element of a considering it hasen't even happened yet. I don't think people ever buy tickets based on what they can assume the *vibe* is gonna be like. That's what the big names are for, becuase for some, the most important thing is the music.

In Sonic States defense, they should be held responsible, for the main reason the main reason that they are responsible. However, I don't think they're solely responsible. I don't know the exact details, but from the sounds of it, the venue owners jacked up the quoted price, therefore leaving Sonic State in a situation where they can't afford to pay for it. Thus leaving them the only option of moving the venue where they're forced to cut it down to just a one day event, and having to cut many of the dj's (most likely the locals), and of course this leaves people pissed off about ticket price, venue change, loss of dj's, loss of partying time, etc. etc.

I think its great what they've done and what they're trying to do. I happen to think that audiences in Toronto are much more harsh than in any other city. People in this scene, in this city have a tendency to bitch and complain about things as trivial as *track selection*.

I think Sonic State should delay the party and do it at a time (in the very near future) whe its possible for them to pull it off properly and how they intended it.
Re: .

Originally posted by Zer0G
My predictions:

-mingster & Cheer Bear rob me in the bathroom.

If by "rob me" you mean "perform fellatio and anilingus", I think you will be corrrect.
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the venue should be worked out first before anything else when planning a party.... a deposit should be paid and a contract signed before any dj's or anything else....or any information to the public...
yes it sucks that the venue owner up'd the price, shitty deal, but before any info to the public was made available you guys should have had another venue and planned the party around that, not plan the party and hope for the venue..sheesh
Re: Re: .

Originally posted by PosTMOd

If by "rob me" you mean "perform fellatio and anilingus", I think you will be corrrect.

Fuck! I knew it, I knew they were both really men!

Fuck'n anonymous internet. @@#%$@#$@#
Andre, not ONCE did I say you were trying to scam me. I didn't think from the beginning that you guys were coming up with these brilliant ideas(and they were brilliant) just to make some quick cash only to cancel the event. If that *is* the case, i'd rather not know. It would tarnish the love I have for your parties. So no, I didn't think you guys were scamming me.

All I've complained about is that I would INDEED like my money back if you guys can't pull this through.

regardless, and you know this, I will still attend your events. I love your events. I don't think I've ever written anything bad about one of your parties.

I just hope that it will go through so I can get out of the house. ;)

I know it's probably unreasonable to ask for my money back, but most people can see where I'm coming from.

I'll pay almost 60 bucks for a two day event.

Which means, if I do my math correctly, I should get 30 bucks back if this is a one day event no?

I don't care. I just want to party. And if I can't, then I want my money back. Plain and simple.

Re: Re: .

Originally posted by PosTMOd

If by "rob me" you mean "perform fellatio and anilingus", I think you will be corrrect.


timo. stop this talk. i can't take it. *covers ears*

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Originally posted by Cheer Bear
I'll pay almost 60 bucks for a two day event.

Which means, if I do my math correctly, I should get 30 bucks back if this is a one day event no?

I can't believe that you do not shutup.
I knew this party would flop from the get-go..

I'm a trance fan, my friends are trance fans... and aside from a few acts (mainly astral proj.) none of us were hyped about this party
Man, have I been out of the loop. I picked up a flyer yesterday and wanted to go. Now I see this.

To the promoters, I don't think anyone thinks you've scammed them. Spaceman's explanation letter was very sincere and detailed enough for people to sympathize, I'm sure.
BUT! You guys did fuck up. I, who knows nothing about promotion, could've told you about holiday wages (I work for the government). So you guys made some mistakes and a lot of people are now screwed (possibly). Now deal with it.

It doesn't matter what it is. It could've been a hockey game, a concert, a film screening... you guys are providing a service to consumers. The consumers are not getting what they paid for. You fucked up. Why is everyone defending this particular situation? Yeah, some of it might not have been their fault but things still got fucked up. As consumers, they have the right to be pissed off.

If everyone wants to get all communal because this scene is supposed to be about support and progressing a sub-culture... then get personal and give the people back their money. Once you're doing something big, you run the risk of moving further away form your customer. And this is exactly what happened to this scene. If you had 200 people you knew coming, I think people would be less abrasive. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't feel like the people ever have much power to change the scene except for places like this. And maybe that's why we bitch on here so much. It's one of our only platforms to speak.

I feel really bad for the promoters. But if I had a $60 ticket in my dresser right now (what I make in 5 hours of work) and I used a majority of my weekend money for this party, I'd be one PISSED OFF muthafucka sittin' on my ass for Easter.

One word, two syllables: MEKKA.

From what I heard they were at International Plaza Hotel on the airport strip.. a couple of weeks ago asking if they could do the party in one of the halls,honestly that would be one funny site to see LOL:eek: :eek:
hmm well this all sounds damn unfortunate.. it was looking like a spectacular event.. a way to revitialize the toronto scene perhaps.. would probably bring some new ravers in i'm sure... I definately hope it still happens.

On the aspect of the wintergalactic crews intentions... I've been an outsider looking in on a couple ocassions where I have had the opportunity to see the setting up before their parties.. and the guys look in their element.. Smiles all around from andre and crew... I just always got the feeling that this was something they really loved. That being said... I know an experience like this can damper that....reading what andre wrote about the cops doubling their costs reminds me of hulla a couple years ago.

Anyways... Best of luck guys.

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