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Hello Techno freaks,

I just came back from the U603011 club in Frankfurt...Anthony Rother, Chris Liebing, Heiko Laux, Surgeon, Marco Carola, etc. played tonight. All I have to say is...WOW...

Ok, Anthony kicked ass as ususal. Heiko was a m a z i ng...Surgeon played some funky shit...I wasn't too impressed, but Chris Liebing.......NICE!!!!!! HARD awesome techno!!!

The Red Bull here in Germany is SO STRONG....damn, I can hardly see the keyboard. LOL :)

OK guys, just to let you know, if you want to hear some KILLER music, download tonight's set for sure! You will NOT be disappointed, trust me...

XOXO from Frankfurt,

PS - Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk is such a cool dude! People are SO spiritual here in Europe, it'S unbelievable!! :)
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