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U.S. rejects UN call to release Guantanamo detainees


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This really pisses me off!! The U.S.A, world police, the country that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the name of freedom and democracy won't give people a basic right and access to fair trial.

Im not saying release them, DON'T they are criminals and terrorist (some of them) But at least give them a trial after illegally holding them for years.

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why not

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contrasting CP24 and CNN on this was an interesting exercise.

CP24: footage of some british woman reading a report "numerous examples of what amounts to torture...should be closed immediately...illegal to hold people indefinitely without charges...violent force feeding of hunger strikers, not to save them but to prevent the US governement from looking bad"

CNN: footage of Kofi Annan "i don't agree with everything in the report, but it would probably be good to close the camp as soon as possible".
wolf blitzer - "OMG! kofi annan of the UN is telling us that we should close Gitmo!
apparently there was some report, commissioned by 'the UN'"
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Yeah CNN "UN wants US base closed - A base the UN never even visited!!!"

(because they weren't allowed to interview prisoners.)