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U.S cities you can drive to from toronto


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um, cant you drive anywhere you want?

do you have like a driving-time-cap or something? might be helpful to mention what it is :)


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I'm pretty sure you can drive to all of the cities in the US from Toronto (except for the ones in Hawaii)

evil homer

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by saying buffalo i'm assuming you mean a city you can drive to - visit briefly and then drive back the same day.

detroit for example

explain yourself better, there are a lot of cities in the states, even more on the east coast and even more so in states like new york and michigan


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Originally posted by fear_of_fours


what's in new york state near buffalo?

im sure people drive to michigan?
detroit's just on the other side of windsor
syracuse it on the other side kingston

i just went a few wks ago to titsburg via car and it's only 500km (about same as ottawa)


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Short drive:

Decent driving distance:
New York

Few hours further:
Washington DC

Klubmasta Will

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three years ago, we drove across the u.s. to black rock city, nevada in 2 days. it was an amazing road trip (and the destination was even better). we meandered a bit on the way back home.


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Or mapquestophobic?

How about raw-chest-er? They used to have the mother of all Holiday Inns there...the Holidome. All the rooms were around the outside and the pool, restaurant, etc were all in the middle.

Probably seemed cooler when I was a kid than it would now.


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Originally posted by fear_of_fours


what's in new york state near buffalo?

im sure people drive to michigan?

i live in buffalo, what the hell do you want to come here for? we come up there every weekend....

there is some cool shit to do, but you need to be more specific... this weekend would be a good one to come in town, Allen town Art Festival is going on, it's a crazy street fest.....

be more specific

oh toro

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there are maybe 5 cities in the US worth visiting and they are all on the coasts (except chicago). don't waste your time driving through republican country. you can find similar in places like peterborough and the like.


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Originally posted by daddyiwantchocolate
I drove to Ft. Lauderdale once.
For a long weekend.

22 hours there
(what felt like) eternity coming back
I drove from St. Petersberg to Toronto last summer in one go. the last few hours were a bitch!