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Tyson up to his old tricks


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from www.cp24.com
The tragic-comedy that is the world of boxing premiered its latest play on a New York stage Tuesday, when Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis came out to talk fight – and ended up doing a lot more than just talking. The play went something like this:

Pug Life – A black-eyed journey.

The stage of New York’s Hudson Theatre is the chosen venue for this latest exhibition of high-drama brought to you by the world of professional boxing, a seedy microcosm of society’s swine filled with organized criminals, sinister promoters, cigar smoke and scandal.

The characters:

Mike Tyson: A loose-cannon, convicted rapist, and proud purveyor of pain who once bit the ear off of an opponent.

Lennox Lennox: A gentle giant who sips tea and plays chess before his fistic engagements. An Olympic gold medallist. A soft-spoken knockout artist who currently holds the WBC and IBF heavyweight titles.

The Entourages: Motley crews of “yes-men” whose sole purpose is to shout indiscriminately, intimidate, and remind journalists of fighter’s geto roots.

Act 1:

A press conference is called to announce future bout between Lewis and Tyson set for April 6th. Shortly after the start of the conference, Tyson glares menacingly at Lewis, who stares back with the cold eyes of a great white shark. Tyson then approaches Lewis, initiating brawl between fighters and their respective entourages which fells W.B.C. president Jose Sulaiman and leaves Tyson with a small cut on his hairline.

Act 2:
Once the smoke clears, a member of the audience exhibits brilliant use of dramatic foreshadowing, shouting, "Put him in a straitjacket!"

Tyson grabs crotch. Curtains close.

man...this guy is a tool. can we suspend him from boxing forever yet?
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haha..nevermind..must have missed that when i ventured into the real world yesterday...hes still a tool though


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i was listening to howard this morning and they played audio footage of the fiasco....lets just say you couldn't really make out was being said with all the *bleeps* going off.

apparently tyson was pissed off about the whole thing and was on a verbal tyrade yelling at everyone including telling a male reporter "i'm going to fuck you til you love me"
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The Kid

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ChrisD:
I took a peek at the incident last night looked pretty staged.</font>

I thought so too, it went on too long. Security should have been all over those two...


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even if it was staged..it makes Tyson look really bad..you'd think with his reputation he would avoid attacking, biting and cussing. or maybe due to his reputation, he couldnt care less.
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shit like that creates even more hype around what will be THE BIGGEST fight in history.

as fucked up as tyson is, he's good for business.