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Tyrant/Fabric mix cd

The Truth

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DJs Craig Richards and Lee Burridge are to release their second Tyrant mix CD through the Fabric label in April.

‘Tyrant 02’ will be a double CD release and is scheduled to hit the streets on April 22.

This is the first associated project Fabric Records has undertaken so far, with all previous releases making up the Fabric mix CD series.

The first CD in the package is entitled ‘No Shoes, No Cake’, and the other ‘Pushing Doors Marked Pull’.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

No Shoes, No Cake

Tribalation - Falling down - Nightshift
Nathan Coles - Raasbucket - 10 Kilo
Samneric - Crazed Cello - Silverpearl
Jefferis Lee - Echo Jazz - Abnormal
Midjut Boys - Energy - Easybeats
Lee Burridge - Lost & Found - Fire
DJ Linus - KBS Groove - Compost
Coast 2 Coast EP - Rock - Transport
Kenny Hawkes - Ashley’s War - Paper
Second hand Satellites - Orbit 1.3 - Hallucination
Omni Am - Beat Dis - Euphoria
Sounds From Around - Things Fall Apart - Aesoteric
Mark Farina - Chick n Stew - Panhandle
Callisto - Resistance - Guidance
Sieg Uber Die Sonne - Hot - Tyrant
Soul Patrol - Love Variations – Infracom

Pushing Doors Marked Pull

Panoptica - And L - Epmusic
Martin Landsky - Pshey - Pokerflat
Terry Lee Brown Jnr - Lost & Found - Steve Bug Mix - Plastic City
Swag - Lovestruck - Swag
J T Donaldson - At Ease - Soy
Hakan Lidbo - Root Syndicate - Loaded
DJ Garth & Eric James present Rocket - Standby - Worship
TGM & Teknostep - Spandia - Koln Cut - Basswerk
Hush & Chop - Drummers Dawn - Mothertongue
Ivan I - All Tings Dub - Jahlove
Nectar - Concussive - Grayhound
Sound As A Pound - 11 - Plank
Karnak - Black Rain - Tribal UK
Orion Music presents - Alone - Frozen Music
Plantastik - Familamily – Kickin


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WOW!!!! looks amazing.

Have you heard it yet? I can't wait till april 22, I need to hear this now.


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Wow..... some great tracks on there, Nathan Coles' Raas Bucket, Omi Am's Beat Dis.... and Ivan I & Starchild 's All Tings Dub on Jah love. Jah love is one great label so is 10 Kilo.

Can't wait to hear it.
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