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Tyra From Saigon - Tech/FunkyHouse KOP!


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Short mix for yall on my ttx's!


Tracklisting :

1. Solid Groove - Jus everybody
2. Jason Hodges - ( I forget )
3. Lil Mark - Life is a Dream
4. Induceve - Time to Begin
5. Greenskeeper - Man in Da House
6. Dj Fluid - Loud & Clear
7. ??? (Flashback Remix) - Puffin' Stuff
8. Chuck Love - Funkin wit da System
9. Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym

for more .. check out :


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I haven't heard this mix yet, but I just wanted to say ... boy can Tyra scratch!!

Saw a couple of clips of you and I was seriously impressed. What other styles do you play?


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second is ION - Chi Town Shuffle (Jason Hodges)

and ??? (Flashback Remix) - Puffin' Stuff is Jt donaldson

like this mix


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Thanx Rulz..I was too lazy to check..it is Ion. Puffin Stuff is COPEN not JT Donaldson. I have that Puffin stuff by JT it sounds totally diff.

Dj Spinz, I play...hmm mostly funky/tech house..have played D&B, Epic Trance.. Deep/minimal house.... anything that sounds good really!

Thanks for the feedback everyone.
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