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Tyler C - Welcome to Club Filthy [house/electro house]

Tyler C

TRIBE Member


Direct Download - 71 Minutes, 192kbps, 97.5MB
Cue File
Hi-Res Front | Hi-Res Back
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And if you want to buy the tracks, I've put together an iMix with most of them and some other from the same artists and remixers, so you can quickly get them via iTunes.
Click here for the iMix

Hard to Beat (Axwell Remix) - Hard-Fi
HouseMuzik (Eskalation Mix) - Splashfunk
White Horse - Wonderland Avenue
Jagger 67 (Eraserhead Mix) - Infadels
Strobelightz (X-tended Mix) - Azzido Da Bass ft. Digitalism
Body Guitar Rig (Strong Guitar Mix) - Lomar
Freeland (Superjuno Remix) - Eclat & Prudo
Corporate Crimewave (T.R.E.N.D.Y. Remix) - Hystereo
Out the Door (Superdiscount Remix) - Who Made Who
Vibrate to This - Slyde
Fucker FX (Adam Sky's Fuck Art Let's Dance Remix) - Fuck Puppets
Day of Marmot - Dr. Bass
I Don't Know (King Unique Mix) - Suicide Sports Club ft. The Dead Rabbits
Pacman (Turnmills Remix) - Rui Da Silva
Bow Down - Da Hool ft. Jackie Bredie
Rock Over You - Blake
Who's Your Daddy (Fuzzy Hair Remix) - Benny Benassi
Lena (Joachim Garraud Dub) - Anaklein
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Tyler C

TRIBE Member
I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, so "thanks" or "screw you," depending on what you meant.
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