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Two rooms for rent 1 for Aug, 1 for Sept.1


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Staying on the lease requires that I find two people to replace them. They don't need to move in right away, but I need to know.

I've got a GREAT place @ the corner of Bathurst and College. Rent is 520-550 a room. 550 Being a much bigger room, we pro rate the rent. Total rent is ~1600 for the whole place.

I'm looking for someone who's clean and responsible, and is able to clean up after themselves, especially in common living spaces such as the living room, kitchen and washroom. I work 9-5, as do many of the tennants, so loud music after 11 isn't allowed. However, everybody in the building is young and likes to party. Lots of full building parties on certain weekends.

If you're interested, PM me for more details...
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i have a friend off the board who is looking for a place for sept 1. can i get your email address or something like that to pass along to him?

also, do you have any pics of the place?