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two raptors tickets for sale....


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I bought two tickets for my b/f for x-mas.... but now I just found out he's spinning on the same night... so now i have to sell them and think of something else...

Game is Raptors vs. Clippers
January 9, 2004 7:00 p.m.

they're row 25 in section 117 of the Air Canada Centre which is side prime seats. (really really good)

they're $140 a ticket which is the actual price for them so i'm not trying to make money..... just want to break even...

It'd make a good x-mas gift.... everyone should get a chance to see a game in person...

if interested e-mail me littlenutty@hotmail.com
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Don't Fret. That game will be done by 9:15/9:30 if there's O.T. 10:00. So if he is not spinning really really early no worries. ANd it will be a good game, one worth going to.


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Want to buy my Raptors tickets vs. the Nets on Feb. 20th (Fri. night)? 13th row, behind the Raps' bench ... face value - $180/ticket.


-- Jay aka Fut