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Two bags (100 - 120 records) of UK Hard House with some house & trance - asking $100


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For the majority of my DJ tenure I played drum & bass, but for the first couple years at the beginning of the 2000's I also played UK Hard House, House & Trance as well.

This is about 100 - 120 of my records from that phase. I have already sold off all of my drum & bass vinyl so I'm looking to move this quick for cheap.

I'm located in the Queen & Spadina area for pick up.

Vacuum not included :)


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I was going to come in here to say if i had a record player i'd totally be down for this, but now i'm just pissing myself laughing.



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Hahaha. Nice on the hoover joke ;)

I also realized I didn't leave an email address o_O

If you're interested you can email me at <myusername>@gmail.com.

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