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Twin Peaks (Spoilers)


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So can we talk about this?

I'm loving it especially considering it wasn't what I expected it would be. And partly because in some ways I think he is trolling us hard some of the time.

The original Twin Peaks was Avant-Garde film-making packaged in an accessible format (murder-mystery small town drama). This completely sheds any pretense of accessibility except through connections to the original series and the pop-culture phenomenon that it was.

This is high-brow art-film stuff but also peppered with the hubris of someone who knows he can get away with so much at this point. I mean he basically put Fox Mulder in a dress and made "her" the head of the FBI. It contributes nothing to the story but was amazing.

I love how he's also incorporated Musical Guests for the credit scene of almost all the episodes. It's in congruent but then again what is in this show so it works.
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