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Well people, this was one of the most incredible nights of our lives! Total number of people was 39. I've never experienced so many people in one unique vibe, sharing an experience that was so unique. We all shared a vibe, a combined love and a common appreciation for the most amazing set anyone's ever heard S & D play. These guys tore up the fu#(*#@^ing club, omg!! The music just kept grinding, slapping out those sexy and dirty rythms and beats. Noone could stop moving, I personally danced all night and bounced on the bouncing chairs all night. We took the club over, everyone in Sketch Industries shirts and stickers. Twilo won't forget us it was absolute mayhem. There are so many stories I can't tell them all.

I have to say this was one of the best experiences of our lives. It was an amazingly organized and very well put together trip and there wasn't a single complaint. We're all looking forward to the next Sonicstate.net outing, I'm sure it will just keep getting better! Andre Z and Nick T personally thanks everyone that came and everyone in the family! We hope to organize something like this again in the next two months, if anyone would like to come and experience this unique energy, email us at andre_zz@hotmail.com to join our mailing list.Thanks again from SonicState.net!
Hi all, I agree with every word Andre said!! I am so thrilled that I went on this trip, it was a totally outstanding 40 hours!
Nick, Andre and everyone else at Sonicstate - THANK YOU!!!! You all were fantastic organizers, right down to the non-stop music and cool videos. The entire group was friendly, not a single incident, even towards the end when everyone was sleep deprived! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next road trip!!
Twilo itself was impressive, but the 1st time experience was just so much better sharing it with my fellow 38 Canadians! Actually more, since I kept on meeting fellow Canadians... I guess my maple leaf outfit had something to do with that
Nice meeting you SpoonyD and slinky2k!!
A final note Sonicstate ppl, be prepared to be renting 2 (or 3!) buses for the next trip... once everyone realize just how good a trip this was, you guys are gonna get swamped!!!!
If you organize a trip to see Taucher at the Webster Hall in NY, (the best would be for nye, he's gonna be there!) I'll have my sister suck your penis. oh, wait, i don't have a sister. i guess it'd be me then.

So what about that? I have 5 peeps interested already...
This was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had in my entire life! What a way to spend my b-day! WOOOOHOOOO! Sasha and Digweed were off the hook....where else can you dance for 8 hours straight to killer uplifting hard trance....*drool*
Andre..Nick...and everyone involved...thank you from the Buffalo Boys!...we had a fuckin wicked time!
Looking forward to the next bustrip!

Hye Guys,

I wasn't on the road trip but just had to say SASHA & DIG ROCKS!!!

Som many good things to say but my highlight of the day was when diggers was playing a slow down mellow track and then out of no where that "shshshshshshshshss" wacky sound effect came on that just blew my mind!

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