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TV viewers asked to choose prince williams wife


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omg...my sides hurt...Television viewers are being given a chance to choose a wife for Prince William in a tongue-in-cheek show.

Programme bosses are hoping to save the prince the bother of finding a partner by putting it to the public vote.

Channel 4's digital channel E4 will profile potential candidates from Europe's minor royalty in the six-part series A Wife For William.

The station said: "At the end of the series the people's choice will be revealed - a girl who may well end up being our Queen and, fingers crossed, William is watching."

Royal experts have drawn up a list of 25 potential posh candidates. They include Danish princesses, well-heeled heiresses, hooray Henriettas and well-bred celebrities.

Then viewers will have their choice of who they think would be most suitable for the 21-year-old.

A spokeswoman said: "Given the mess the royals have made in finding their own partners, E4 proposes that the British people choose."
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I say i should marry him. That we could be called william fits billy and billy fitz william.

minus the fitz part and neither of us being Irish and not being gay it totally works

Long live the Queen


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Originally posted by poker face

I wish people would stop giving a shit a bout the royal family.

better than watching britney spears every movement

mind you at least she is hot.

ok you win

to be honest though i think that society should just stop all this pointless paying attention to celebrities and royal familes.

If all we had was news about development and economic affairs I would feel compelled to participate in alot more discussions in my day to day affairs.

oh well
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true...the world would be a much better place if people didnt pay attention to celebrities and royals and paid attention to tribers instead.
mind you, the incriminating evidence would go through the roof.


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I hope they threw in the Olsen Twins as a mystery wives package! Not that I'd watch this shit anyways