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TV Shows you hate but watch anyway

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I've been on a major Kitchen Nightmares bender after the Amy's baking company episode - lolfest.

What a giant douchebag, that Ramsay.
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Property Virgins. Sandy Rinomato has got to be the worst real estate broker in the country. I doubt she can even spell negotiate. It's like she's on house arrest and is only allowed to visit 3 condo developments, over and over and over again.


Love it or List it. The dude is ok but the woman is a moron. She never delivers on what the homeowners want.

and ..

Till Debt Do Us part. I think it's absurd that someone who comes from a family as privileged as hers, and has no actual financial experience telling poor people how to live on $27 a month for gasoline to drive to work everyday. The people on the show are idiots, but she should go back to her plantation.

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haha ya just razzin' ya...;)

I may know more about Glee than my cool status should allow - don't tell the authorities! - they'd downgrade me immediately!


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The two terrible shows that I can't stop watching...

Rookie Blue.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. My wife watches them, and now I can't stop. They're actually kind of funny at times. Especially when everyone gets all catty. I know I know... :eek:
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True Blood for sure, that show is straight up terrible. But as mentioned, they've at least learned to have fun with it.

Blue Jays games - it's an exercise in self-torture

Jack Van Impe on Sundays - I cannot stop watching this when it's on, something about it is completely mesmerizing. I'm talking about these two:



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Jack Van Impe rocks!

I also have watched that a long time... when I was a kid even.

I think they are the Christian Tinfoil Hat crew, except their conspiracy is the Return of Jesus - and they mine all media for anything confirming their assumption that the Kingdom of Heaven will be realized on earth imminently....

Textbook confirmation bias should have Jack Van Impe beside the entry...;)