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TV Show Premiere Tonight: What it's like to be alone

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Princess Lucy (voiced by Dwayne Hill) is the central character in a claymation ensemble cast of mutant orphans who are waiting in not-so-quiet desperation to get adopted. The Gurney Orphanage is inconveniently placed in the middle of nowhere, bordered by a monster-infested moat, a haunted forest, and a deadly desert. The fact that the structure itself looks like the Psycho house isn't exactly inviting, either.

The highly visual and stylized series places the monsters, mutants, and creepy kids in outrageous surroundings (despite their relative isolation) replete with spider webs, swamp monsters, lollipops and bunny rabbits. This is a wholly original series that will appeal to those horror fans with a very off-kilter sense of fun. (And, despite the cartoony countenances of the characters, it's not recommended for children.)
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Given that I'm due for a solid night of teevee watchin', I'll be tuning into this...


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I really like what they did but there were a couple things that
bothered me, and I'm not sure if it was me, or anyone else thought

Did anyone find Princess Lucy's voice REALLY annoying? (sorry lucy :) )

I'm not sure if P. Lucy will be the main character throughout the
series or if she was just used to intro the series, then they will
focus on diff. characters per episode, but I felt the strongest
character to carry the series would be the girl in the black dress
with the black umbrella. Every other character seemed EXTREME but her.
Because many viewers won't be able to relate to most if not all of the
characters, people may be turned away from this series if they don't
have a person to grab on to.

And finally, I thought this was supposed to be an animated adult
series, but I felt it was more of a childish attempt at adult
animation/ humour. I think they should have made the series
WAYYYYYYYYY more darker, no???

Props to whomever created the main website. Very cool.
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The Watcher

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From what I understand, Princess Lucy was only the focus of the first episode, and that the rest only get way better.