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Turntables and Mixer for sale


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sweet then i own a piece of history then. Its a good mixer ill be keeping this one for awhile...

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Mike Richards

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Originally posted by OhNo!

1 mint condition Vetax pmc 270 $500 ,which is out of production-CLASSIC

It's not really a classic but it was the last generation made in Japan before they moved the manufacturing to China


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why are you selling your entire setup? :confused:

oh.. and i'll give you $200 for the tables... i don't really need em.. but the novelty of 6 tables... just think about it.. i'd have to buy another IKEA "dinner table for family of 6" to accomodate all that equip :p
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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reducing this already steal of a deal to $950 for everything-find it lower and i will match the price


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500 for that mixer?? woooweeee!!! I paid $250 for mine this summer...and they go for 350 generally all over...I'd keep it though cuz its a solid mixer no diggity!


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^^^^^ I agree

I could have a buyer for you if you would consider lowering the price of the mixer.

What say you?