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Turntable - Not For Resale (Drum & Bass)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by Turntable, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member


    my name is James and I'm spinning drum and bass out on the pacific coast. I have a new CD ready for you to download Click on the image below. NFR is a mix of dnb with influences of hip-hop, dub, liquid funk and jungle.


    Check out my buddies Jesse and John too.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New music every month.


    James Turner
  2. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    i realize you want people to go to your site, but you really should post the links to the mp3s themselves like mentioned in the rules of this forum

    still include a link inviting people to your site for more mixes, but don't NOT post the mp3 link, because your post ends up looking like spam

    example of spam: having your brand name NORTHWESTJUNGLE written 5 times in one post.
  3. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

  4. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

    Oh yeah and don't forget...

    | The Track List |

    Roni Size - No More [Original mix]
    (VRECSUK003X |2005| V Recordings)

    Sketch & Code - Speed
    (FR005 |2002| Furious)

    Visionary - Lightening
    (HUS004 |2004| Hustlin Beats)

    Radar - King Tut
    (MASH07 |2005| M*A*S*H)

    High Contrast - Racing Green
    (NHS76 |2004| Hospital)

    Cyantific - Reincarnation Dub
    (NHS78 |2004| Hospital)

    Sonic - Bombay
    (SPACER006 |2004| Space)

    Eddie Woo - Real Time
    (FQY015 |2004| Frequency)

    Roni Size - No More Pt.2 [High Contrast Remix]
    (VRECSUK003Y |2005| V Recordings)

    Muffler - Embrace
    (DSTRBD004 |2005| Disturbed)

    Ror-Shak - A Forest [Disturbulence Mix]
    (BBS021 |2005| Breakbeat Science)

    McConrad & Makato - Golden Girl
    (GLR066 |2005| Good Looking)

    Filthy Dirty Rich - Second Skin
    (EMF2050PT1 |2003| Emotif)

    Random Movement - What A Woman
    (ORGONE018 |2005| Orgone)

    Sonic - Strange Ways
    (SPACER010 |2004| Space)

    Nu:Tone - Seven Years [Matrix Remix]
    (NHS87 |2005| Hospital)

    High Contrast - Twilights Last Gleaming
    (NHS73 |2004| Hospital)

    Sketch & Code - Lazy Days
    (EMF2057 |2004| Emotif)

    Chris.SU - Solaris Theme
    (SUBTITLES041 |2005| Subtitles)

    Coldplay - Trouble [D-Region Remix]
    (EMAN04 |2003| Name)
  5. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

    Please Please forgive me!

    I really wasn't trying to SPAM at all but I understand now what you mean. I've read the rules and will be keeping in line. It was the only place I could think of to post first when I got a membership. I was drinking a bit as well. : )

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Yogi

    Yogi TRIBE Member

    biggups...love the track selection
  7. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

    Thanks man,
    I hope that you guys like it : )
  8. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    yeah, nice tracklisting, downloading now

  9. Red Star

    Red Star TRIBE Member

    damn guy, nice to hear such a mix! it'll be great for snowboarding this winter.
  10. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

    Now is that really safe?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2005
  11. Turntable

    Turntable TRIBE Member

    Holy Crap - You guys really like this stuff!

    I'm moving this weekend so I wanted to check the stats before I dismantled my tower. Wow, It's coming up on a thousand downloads and I'm seriously encouraged to go buy more records right this minute.

    Damn I hate moving : P

    Thanks for the support everyone.
    There will be more to come soon!!!

    Back to packing...

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