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turntable/mixer suggestions


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Yes, I know this has been done a million times, but I could really use some suggestions. Looking to buy good equipment to learn on, and therefore not looking to spend too much. I appreciate anyones help:D


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Tec 12's and the roland DJ2000 mixer. Might as well learn with as much cool stuff as you can get your hands on. :)
If you're thinking of seriously getting into it, you will probably want to upgrade rather quickly once you realize the limitations of cheeper equipment. Therefore you might as well get decked out once and save the money in the end.
that's my 2 cents worth.
My 3 cents worth says get into live pa not djing. Same cost (roughly) and YOU make the music you want to hear/play!
I recomend the mc505


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techics 12's are the only way to go, especially when learning....if you wanna skimp, get yourself a $200 mixer (numark, gemini, whatever), but DO NOT SKIMP on decks

tech 12's last a lifetime, and keep their value


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to reinterate what was stated above...

everything else don't matter cuz when playing out 99 pecent of the time they will be using a different mixer than you have at home.. i say learn on a crappy mixer that way when you're thrown in front of a good one.. you'll fly.


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i'd like to ask a question: can anyone point me to sites which discuss the relative merits of various mixers?

i'm going to hazard a guess and say that they're probably like many other pieces of 'consumer electronics' equipment, in that there are price plateaus, and that features are similar amongst models in similar price ranges. but does quality differ? usability?

just curious...
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when starting out, all you really need is a 3 band eq (lo, mid, hi), and cue buttons (to headphone) for each channel. from there, just get what feels right, or what deal comes your way. vestax, numark, gemini, american dj, etc. all have entry level mixers so i suggest going to a place like steve's or long & mcquade and scoping them out...

..i don't know of any "mixer buyers guides" but i bet if you type that in to google, you'll get a pile of sites.



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thanks tommy. i only made a half-hearted effort before on google (which is all it usually takes -- i'm spoiled.) and turned up very little. i'll be more imaginative next time.