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Turntable, Mixer & Headshell w/Stylus


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Well, lots of pm's and stuff, but not a serious buyer...:(

a better deal...

Turntable, NEXT Mixer by Stanton and Stanton Headshell w/stylus...

$400.00 obo

First come, first served

3 months old, barely used, never leaved my bedroom, smoke free enviroment. Used to rip some vinyl to mp3's, 5 -10 hours use maximum.
Original package, warranty and everything...
TT200 Professional Turntable
The TT200 delivers many of the innovative features found in the TTX1. With a direct drive motor that delivers 1.7 kg/cm of torque, the TT200 competes spec for spec with any other turntable out there.

_ Direct drive super-high torque motor

_ Straight and S-shaped tonearms (optional)

_ Battle and club style design

_ Steel top, rubberized base, aluminum platter

_ User-replaceable pitch fader, removable aluminum light (optional)

_ Detachable power and audio connections

_ 33-45-78 RPM, reverse

No Idea how good it is...some say is good anothers say that is not.. But it has a good sound...kind of a battle mixer



Two channels
Two lines in
Two phono and one mic in
Three band EQ
LED output meter
45mm faders

Get going in the club scene without going broke. 2 channels, 2 line, two phono and one mic input, 3-band EQ (+9/-26dB) and gain control on both channels. Transformer buttons selectable for insert/cut, LED output meter, 45mm faders.