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Turning Point @ Gladstone

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
these jams always surprise me to the upside,

always wicked caribean/afro/latin beats from a man called warwick and company.

theres more hipster doucebags than there used to be but still, nice beats,
always tons of girls and the weather didnt hurt either as they could open the windows to let some air in the joint which is usually stinky.

drank too much draft beer which seems like a great idea at the time until the next day when i feel like shit for 24 hours.... and counting.

these parties are gems and i never could figure out how u dont hear too much about them in the music community.

but either way, wicked wicked night.
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i went to this party for the first time last month. it was fun, but after awhile i just wanted to dance to something un-latin-y... i guess i live more for the funk. --> footprints at the rivoli.


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awesome parties. i haven't been in quite a while, but the music is always great and there's plenty of people getting sweaty and givin'er.
Warwick has always tried to keep the promotion low key and by word of mouth but with the amount of douchebags that hang out on the stretch of queen it was inevitable that the crowd at these parties would be affected.

wopner if you liked it, you should check out Footprints at the Rivoli

check out the "music y'all" section at www.ducktape.ca lots of wicked mixes