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turning off windows firewall???


TRIBE Member
for some reason it will not let me go into my windows firewall settings and disable it WTF?

due to an unidentified problem, winows cannot display windows firewall settings....my fookin culo!!!

now my question is, is it safe to do this???

How to disable the Security Center in Windows XP SP2 ?

The Security Center service in Windows XP Service Pack 2 monitors system security settings and configurations. (firewall, anti-virus and Automatic Updates status). To disable the service, use the following steps:

* Click Start, Run and type Services.msc
* Locate the Security Center entry in the list
* Double-click Security Center and set it's Startup type to Disabled

Note that this will turn-off the service, and also alerts the alerts issued by the Security Center. See here for more information about the alerts
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