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Turbo Peshay Asides and Criminal Beatz REVIEW

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Lucid MC, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member


    personally i had a great time got thier a bit late stranjah and rezq's set was mad tight pure groovin BO!..

    Asides was off the fuckin hoooooooook [​IMG] man had like 2 records and 239049028423-84-823-84 fuckin plates [​IMG] howwy ass. [​IMG] he was wicked real nice too, peshay was chill love tha jazzy shiet...

    big up everyone who touched down
    mad respects to
    Stryka and rudebwoy for holding it down teh way it should be, im seriously lovein it pure talent and theirs no other mc's id want to be side by side with.. MAD RESPECTS..
    lucid was cracked fuckin heat and school but whatever atleast i had fun hehe..

    respects to jerry one FUCKER taxed me fro all my bus tickets..

    and SUOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPER BIG UPS to INS.. for fuckin making turbo hype! and showing so much love and support. tdot is doin a wicked job!
  2. olde

    olde TRIBE Member

    A-Sides was a little too hard and noisy for my liking, so I spent my time upstairs listening to one of my favorite producers Halo Varga.
    Unfourtunatly (to quote Futronic) He wasnt exactly "pounding it out" so when Meghin came up to tell me Peshay had come on... I welcomed the change.

    Peshay threw down a sweet deep set and I was thoroughly impressed by what I heard.

    Im sorry to have to say this but I can't hold it in.
    Buddy who was on the Mic (i think it was Stryka) learn when to close your mouth.
    Example... when Peshay dropped that Jill Scott white (which I have never heard played out).

    Vocal - They say I'm crazy
    Stryka - (CRAZYYYY! CRAAAAZY!!!!!!!)
    Vocal - The way you got me open baby!
    Stryka - (BABY!!!BABAY!!! IM CRAZAY!!! BABY!!)
    And on.. And on it went..
    Destroying one of my favorite tunes and making me near violent at the same time.

    Then there was the "Oh shit" incedent.

    Stryka - Oh Shit..... Oh Fuck..... Oh Shit... Oh Fuck.... Oh Shit.... Oh Fuck...

    If your going to spew expletives to under 20 people at the end of the night.. Do it at your friends house party... Not while the obvious Peshay fans are trying to listen to his tracks and mixes. Talk about insulting my intelligence.

    Another thing I noticed.
    A fight ensues... And half the dancefloor leaves, another one happens and the basement goes from an original 50 or 60 people... to mabye 20 or 25.
    I see almost 2 fights every friday night down there. It's sad almost.

    Oh well.
    I'm sure Stryka or whoever can be a decent MC but please ease up on the unnesceary cursing and the ridiculous chants.

  3. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    ya the fights were dumb i heard they continued outside.. stupidness but what can u do. just hope it calms down..

    over all though i think tdotjungle is doing a great job..

    uhm as for stryka and the oh shit oh fuck peshay thing and all that.. im sure stryka was just excited and having fun he is a quality MC, but im also sure he apreciated ur critism and itll help him much like mysel fout in the future.. its all good tho.. respects to everyone..

    again i had a nice night and saw a lot of people groovin!
  4. me

    me TRIBE Member

    "...too much fighting on the dance floor."----------->The Specials, Ghost Town.
  5. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    what happened anyways i just saw security pull out some people.. isnt turbo usually safe?
  6. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    Hahah stryka again [​IMG]

    Here's a typical strykan set:

    <<library silence>>
    DROP DROPPP... NOO?? NOO Drop?
    ahh had me fooled..
    ok ok DROOOPP NOW DROOPP ahh no love for teh srtyka awelp guess this dont have a dro... <<THE BASE DROPS>>
    Oh shhiat guess i fuct up this time dint i?

    STROKER IS MAAAD JOKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member

    peshay was last night...
    fawk, kick me in the jimmy....

    crap, next time..

  8. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    u have a jimmy?
  9. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    large ups to Stranjah, Gabe, Lucid, Stryka, the rest of the Criminal Beatz crew and everyone who represented at this event. our local talent is finally getting the recognition they deserve. very good to see.


    Intimate Crew
  10. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    thanks for the support mystery intimate person [​IMG]
    i look fwd to coming to bsides.. im still mad i missed all the events outside bsides especially the boat cruise.. but if i dont show to this one kick me in the head..

    i hate school

    big up rezq too [​IMG] gabe isnt cb.. might as well be tho!
  11. Skip

    Skip TRIBE Member

    So how many people were there when the room was its' busiest? Did I hear correctly that only 50 or 60 people showed. Isn't Turbo pakced every Friday?

    Haven't been there in a while, let me know.

    Gonna be there for Hype and GQ this Fri. though. Peace.
  12. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    uhm it was packed from what i saw their was way more tehn 50 ppl downstairs.. i think that may have been upstairs..
    casue down stairs was packed
  13. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    I don't think the basement was packed at all. There was half the amount of people that I usually see in their for a headliner. And it seems that half the crowd always leaves at like 2:30am, so it feels empty after that.
    I think it's embarrassing for a supposed world-class dnb city to have only 30 people in attendance when Peshay was spinning.

    As for the music, Res-q and Stranjah were fantastic. Their set had a great flow and they dropped some nice dubs. I love hearing the local production. I definitely want to hear more from these guys.

    A-Sides set wasn't nearly as good as the one he dropped in December. Boring track selection this time around. Didn't do anything for me at all.
    Peshay's set on the other hand was a breath of fresh air. Smooth, jazzy tracks, and unlike A-Sides, there was actual progression to his set. So sad there was nobody there to see it.
    I would love to see Peshay in a more laidback, loungey, intimate setting. That'd be perfect.

    And I hate to say it as well, but Stryka's Mcing was . I don't want to disrespect him because you can see that he genuinely loves the music and brings a lot of energy...but the man needs to chill once and a while and let a track run. As well, the reloads he called were questionable. The first one he called was on a filler track, and it left a lot of people scratching their heads. Let the people decide when they want to hear a track from the top.

    I'm still shocked at how empty Turbo was. Hopefully this trend doesn't continue and the club can start bumpin' again soon.
    Overall, I had somewhat of a good time, but I was left with a bad taste in my mouth.
  14. discodancer_j

    discodancer_j TRIBE Member

    ha ha
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I don't think that's going to happen. Next week is the last night for lifeforce fridays.
    I'm not sure if the new club owner is going to keep the same format for the night or change it, but the current one ain't doing so good.
  16. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Not that I'm a big supporter of Turbo but I do go more often than the rest because of the DnB. But 50 to 60 people for Peshay? What has this world come to!!!
    Peshay and Jill Scott = wow.

    Anyway, I can't say anything because I went to Buddies instead. I do regret it but maybe not, because I didn't have to deal with any fights.

    I've never seen a fight at Turbo. In fact, I've never even experienced shit like that anytime at a club. So I am really surprised when some of you say that it happens every Friday night because people might dress like thugs (cutey junglist boys with the gold chains and shit) but they ain't no thugs. At least, I don't think...

    Anyway, hopefully everyone will hit Hype next Friday? Or not... who knows.

    It's still kinda fun when it's empty though. Really it is.
  17. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    The fight wasn't a big deal at all.

    And ~dazed~, I understand that Turbo hasn't been doing well lately and that's why there will be a change of owners. That just sucks. I'm sad to see what's happened to the place. I hope people come next week for the last Lifeforce night.
  18. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    after peshay and asides made my top 5 list of best sets of 2000, friday was a HUGE dissapointment.

    set of the night went to stranjah and rez q's b2b set. it was great to hear some of their own stuff being played. i could have done without the mc'ing tho.

    unfortunately, asides came on before peshay and his set was boring, there's absolutely no other way to put it. the tracks he played were redundant, there was absolutely no vibe or energy...even asides himself looked bored.

    peshay started off really well playing more soulful tracks and just as i thawt the night was going to be redeemed, some idiots in front of us started fighting and we made our way for the door.

    it's sad to see what's become of turbo on friday nights. when peshay and asides were last here in december the basement was RAMMED. this time around, it wasn't even close to being half full.
  19. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    ok maybe i was wrong the place may not have been rammed.. but thier was way more people then 50 - 60.. perhaps at around 2:30 place cleared out a bit..

    im almost positive they wil be keeping dnb in thier.. i woudnt be suptrised if it gets better..

    the problem isnt packing downstairs.. its packing the upstairs..

    from what i hear.

    is all good tho.
  20. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Aren't they moving the jungle upstairs? Isn't that where Hype is going to be this Friday?

    I REALLY can't imagine the bottom being rammed with house enthusiasts. I know some chi-chi people who go for the house (actually 30 of them) and they all wouldn't even step foot into the basement. They would just go somewhere else like Una Mas. SO I have a problem envisioning it to be packed on the bottom. Hmm...

    Oh well, I love the upstairs so now it's mine, ALL MINE! muahahahahahaha...
  21. Lucid MC

    Lucid MC TRIBE Member

    teh jungle from whats been said is going upstairs.. but not for hype least i dont think so.... sometime later..
    as for the house heads.. well if u wanna know icq me..
  22. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Apparently it's gonna be torontojungle.com upstairs, and breaks downstairs starting in September.
    I'm sad, because I loved the house that was played upstairs. Where am I going to see Timmy P now?
  23. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    ^^ True.

    I have no idea how are they going to fill up upstairs if even downstairs barely get's 1/2 capacity nowdays...

    Well at least the breakers will have the red room now..

    I expect some heavy talent to touch down there on weekly basis.. o/w t-dot is going to loose mad money...
  24. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    I can't see Lifeforce eliminating a weekly house night all together. Perhaps another venue will present itself. [​IMG]
  25. Hal-9000

    Hal-9000 TRIBE Member

    That blows, I liked having house and jungle under the same roof. I got to indulge both tastes all night.


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