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tunes of the year:


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4/4 and Two-Step:

Drama-Don't Give Up-Solo
DJ Ski-Still Sleepless-Breakdown Productions
Nio-Do You Think Your Special?-Todd Edwards 'So Special' UK Dub Remix-Echo
El-Tuff-Kool Breeze-2tuff4U
Dem 2-Love's Hard In Destiny's Bed-New York Soundclash


Geenous-Detroit-Dump Valve Recordings
Geenous-The Journey-Oris Jay remix-Dump Valve Recordings
Jon E Cash-Invasion-LD Cats
Youngstar-Revival-DDJ's Productions
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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DeepSix's TopSix of 03

Drama - Don't Give Up - Solo
Deekline & Wizard - Sun Is Shining - Botchit & Scarper
DJ $ki - Change It Around - Breakdown
General Levy vs Zeus ft. Bally Jagpal -Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya (DnD Mix) - DND
Donae'o - Bounce - Social Circles
Dem 2 - Luv's Hard In Destiny's Bed - NYSC

Ethan's TopOne of 03

Beyonce ft. Sean Paul - Baby Boy (MRP Remix) - MRP


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I don't really have any tracks exactly but more like producers this year..

Wiley and the sublow massive have come out with some real gems, although none will ever probably be played out in Toronto for quite some time.

The croyden foward dub sound was pretty cool though at times a little too dark and abstract for my liking.

Social circles sorta goes without saying.. sticky, mr fidget/doneo are just killin it with almost every new release

Neither of you or most of the ukg world have yet to recognize bigshot who is yes formulaic but still a great producer. The same complaints could be attached to agent x and dnd.

At the end of the day I still haft to admit MJ Cole is still the fucking man when it comes to innovating a music and taking it a step further in the right direction.

Still waiting for Trouble to be released if ever! :confused:


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...I have TWO Bigshot tunes on my TRIBE MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR!...

...the second 4/4 e.p will be out in late winter...straight from the horses mouth!...I'm right on top of the man!...oh wait...ummmmmm...

...my only issue with him is he got bogged down wth those silly silly silly Southside RnB remixes...


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that's pretty much my thing with him too.

his RECENT rnb remixing is poor in comparison to some of his older stuff (see his stuff on Baby Angel from 2 years ago for hints of what he is capable of on the vocal remix tip)

his original stuff is goot just not top draw for me this year
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That song, you know, by that guy with the accent?

It's got a shuffely beat, some melody, and features that girl?

yea, she's got an accent too.

Peace Ira


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you would...you are the quintessential UKGeek.

It's not *old* enough for you.

It's not *underground* enough for you.


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