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Tune Id From Comercial


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ok...so you know that ad that has the three teen kids sitting in the car and one of the kids pops in a CD and they all start bangin they're heads to the tune and it says some tripe about sharing music...

whats the name of that song so I can download it?

it's like the psudo garage band style a la the strokes...

tanks tribe

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its by the Vines.

Don't know the song..but I think they've only got 1 record, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Dr Funk MD

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Originally posted by DJ TRO

whats the name of that song so I can download it?


Nice. I'm glad to see the message of that comercial wasn't lost on you.:D

Yeah and it's most definitely the Vines. I've got the CD it's pretty good. The song is called Outtathaway!
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