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Tuesday June 20th, 2000. P3 Media Cell Minutes



Tuesday June 20th, 2000. P3 Media Cell Minutes

 We listened to the ‘save the rave’ Idance rally theme song (By Dj Ian)

 Saw the ‘Idance’ Rally flyer

 Amanda got editing suggestions for the Dj Statement request letter.- Changes have been made and the final version will be done and posted by this Friday. We need to get together a list of djs and contact information, Amanda will start e-mailing/phoning once we have a agreed on some appropriate djs. Amanda will post her suggestions on the tribe board, and e-mail list.

 Communications Cell Rep., and Media Man: Says the web page has been delayed. He is waiting for Max to send him the flyer so he can edit it for PRIDE- he’ll make it less ‘raver-centered’.

 Pride planning: Flyers will be done and out by the Pride Parade- to be distributed at Modrobes and Snug booths. Also, to be given to promoters for Unity, to be distributed with flyer krews.

 Flyers for Pride must be done Saturday- and Summer (?) is finding out about free printing from Hulla-Board-guy’s Uncle (Dad?).

 This Thursday there is a steering committee meeting re: Pride.

 The Bill 73 press release is on hold, until further information. –Will the rave community be included in legislation decisions?

 Idance Rally Press release is due out a week before the rally- to be sent to local media. Carey is doing the press release, and she will send it to international magazines who may want to cover the story- ASAP.

 Cheques bounced: No mention from the PPP- no media/press release re: this info. Decided it is best to handle the situations individually, outside of P3.

 Summer has posted the latest P3 definition on the Tribe Board.- please use this one in any press releases.

 Tanya got a web-based survey sent to her. They want to know what kind of questions we want in it, for the P3’s stats on ravers, and drug use. E-mail Tanya with info.

 Video: Viewing sheduled on Saturday at Bobby’s house. The draft of the skript to be done by Bobby, Saturday. Steve is in charge of the footage being used. They will be booking interviews with Kim Stanford, etc. –The video will be distributed in advance to tv networks.
Due Date: Must be done by IDANce. August 1st.
 ‘I am a Raver’ Photo shoot, this weekend. 3 people are confirmed, but they need more people to contact Alex D. if interested with pertinent info- the form filled out.

 Designer needed for the ‘I Am a Raver’ photo/poster campaign. The criteria must be posted on tribe and the P3 mailing list for an open process and selection to be made by the Media Cell of P3. Guidelines- # of photos, dimensions of the poster, information to be included, logos, etc.

 Tanya is reminded to contact a printer for costs, and dimensions. Katherine needs to tell us the exact information needed on the poster. So we can post these things for designers to submit potential projects.

 Tanya has a friend who is interested, and Micheal S. Tripper has also shown interest in the project. Submissions will be taken, and we will decide who gets to do it.-according to the design we like.

 Carey is reminded to get in touch with ‘Angry Asian Girl’ for drug stats.

 Also, we will need funding for the “I am a Raver” posters, and we will include logos if they fund the campaign. Modrobes must be contact re: funding.

I left at this point in the meeting, so I have no more minutes…! If anyone has anything to add, post them here.

-Amanda C.U.