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Tubesock and Alicia Hush @ the Purple Room

case sensitive

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The Purple Room once again displays why it has been the most consistent home of electronic music in K-W with a solid house and breaks showing that had the crowd moving all night. Friendly faces from the past, present and future with 'nuff drinks were all in sync throughout the evening. A short trip to the main room reminded why I will be so sad to see this fabulous venue (within a venue) go by the wayside.

Great job Derrik, some serious funky track selection along with a side order of Florida sizzers and 4/4 beat downs were a perfect start to the evening. Then over to Alicia who kept the place pumping with a wide range of house beats and tracks that sampled a variety of genres, tight mixing too.

It was tough to know what to expect this night, but each new face and each new mix had me really happy I made it out.

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