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TTC strike averted

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If the Toronto Star website wasn't being funky I'd post the article, but apparently they reached a deal this morning at 7:30 and there will not be a TTC strike, at least not for the next 3 years. ;)

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I watched the news this morning at 8 & they said the TTC workers are still deliberating & we won't know until later today?



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Originally posted by SpazGirl
I watched the news this morning at 8 & they said the TTC workers are still deliberating & we won't know until later today?
680 News told me that a tentative deal has been reached, but it can't be formally accepted until sunday when the union members meet to vote on it.
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It's a deal! TTC strike averted
Union members get details this Sunday; union vote set for April 17
By Michael Traikos
Toronto Star Staff Reporter

A tentative deal was reached early this morning between the Toronto Transit Commmission and its union, averting a strike.
TTC spokeswoman Marilyn Bolton confirmed that the Amalgamated Transit Union local 113 executive agreed to a deal around 7:30 a.m. The agreement still needs to be ratified by union members before it is passed.

"The content is still being discussed," she said.

Negotiations between the 8,000-strong TTC union and the city carried on through the night. While the union was in an official strike position as of 12:01 a.m. today, the union agreed not to walk out.

"For me, it sounds like it took a long time," said TTC chairman Brian Ashton. "The talks are settled. The smoke is settling."

The tentative deal will be presented to TTC union members this Sunday. The union will vote on the pact April 17.

"There were good negotiations and tough negotiations," Ashton said. "Nobody wants to go on strike, but they want to make sure they're paid properly for their services."

The agreement spared Toronto residents the disruption of seeking alternate means of transportation this week. Almost 700,000 people use the system every weekday.


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Ride the Rocket!

Just for the record, it's extremely rare for the majority of union members to vote against a tentative deal reached by their negotiators.


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I bet rides will probably cost $3 though. buy your tokens now before they take them out of circulation in anticipation of the increase...