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TTC question - pardon my stupidity


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k, my boy just told me that there's a streetcar that leaves union station that will take me to queen's quay and york? but the directions he gave me (coming off the subway) are whacked!

Can anyone quickly confirm?
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yes.. I think that's the one that goes along Queens Quay and right up Spadina. You get on where the LRT is in Union Subway station. :)
It's the harbourfront LRT (light rapid transit).

When you get off at union, look for the little black and white sign that says harbourfront lrt.

You go up a specific stairway and follow a hallway. Don't think you need a transfer. You wait underground until the streetcar comes by, then hop on - it has one more underground stop (at the base of Bay/queens quay, before it continues on aboveground along the quay.
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yes there is. the streetcar starts out underground at union. then goes west along queens quay underground to a station by the ferry docks then goes above ground along queens quay then up spadina.

does that help?
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Originally posted by Libradragon
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You can also take the streetcar from Spadina. Just make sure you take the one that says "Union" or "Queens Quay" and NOT the one that says "King".