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TTC proudly announces encouraged use of pre-existing doors!


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Liberty Villagians, you are saved!

I think maybe they shouldn't stop there and cut even more doors in the 504 streetcar,. Or even encourage boarding through the windows like people do on trains in India.

Making the doors really wide and completely removable like this is another possibilty:


Or eliminate doors entirely and completely do away with the door bottlenecks:

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i don't know if this is as funny as it could potentially be without you linking to whatever it is you're making fun of...


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They are bringing the POP system used on Queen to King st as well. Essentially you can enter through any door as long as you have already paid your fair (so you need a transfer or a pass). They'll have ttc staff randomly check every once in a while.

It is a small step but it has immediate effect. And you need to have a Presser to get the info out to the public.
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The best part was the heckler following them around and standing behind Tory at the news conference. I swear the guy was hired by the Fords.


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TTC ticket taking and proof of payment is getting out of control, you now have multiple systems depending on where you get on

1) most of the network, normal, pay to get on don't need proof of payment
2) spadina streetcar, need proof of payment no matter where you get on, if you're using a ticket, you have to get it stamped!
3) king + queen streetcar, need proof of payment but no stamping machines

what happens if you get on the spadina streetcar in spadina or union station? will you get fined if you didn't pick up a transfer (even though you wouldn't need that same transfer for any other in subway station transfer in the network)

all the meanwhile, we've still got surley ticket tackers at each station, massive lineups, and tocken machines that don't take $5 bills, or cards, and don't even have a basic touch screen user interface

somebody fix this!


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Presto is what the TTC needed in 2005. Maybe by 2025, we'll be able to pay with our cell phones and maybe get cell service in the subway.
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