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TTC help... How do I get to Queensway / Islington from Queen/ Bathurst..

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if you want the scenic route take the 501 King street car west. ask the driver were to switch onto the 80 bus (sometime after parkside) which travels on the queensway and will take you to islington, but it might be faster to take the subway to islington station then the islington bus south to the queensway.

Big Cheese

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subway to the bloor line, take the subway west to islington station

take either the 110A/B/C south from the station. they all pass queensway southbound on islington. or if you want get off @ keele station and take the 80 queensway and get off @ islington, you can do that

hope that helps


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actually take the 511 Bathurst Streetcar north to Bathurst station. Then the subway west to Islington. Then 110 a/b/c south to islington.
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501 queen street car.. long branch car... takes u 30-50mins depending on the time of day.. used to live out there.


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Wiseman said:
that will take you to Lakeshore and Islington, not the queensway

wow, people are really giving you scenic routes.

Honestly, it's a crap shoot...either the bathurst streetcar up to bathurst station, then over to Islington station...or the 501 Queen to Islington, then transfer there and take the bus north to Islington/Bloor?

Are you @ the Clarica building by chance?


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so the queen streetcar doesnt' run along queensway? I just wanted to avoid going north to the subway, then back south again to queensway...

The Watcher

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Why can't you just take the subway to islington, and then the islington bus south to queensway?

Like. I dont know... just makes sense to me? And hardly warrants a whole tread of stupid answers.
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Ok heres how u get to queensway the easy way.

Take the subway all the way to Islington station.
From islington take 110A,110 this will go south on Islington.
You will get of exactly at Queensway and Islington.

How do u know if ur at queensway and Islington