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TTC has new look?


TRIBE Member
Has anyone seen these new buses yet? I'm sure they're just testing them out right now and they might very well change them in the future to look more like the TTC buses we're used to now.
They're like these 'hybrid' buses (I think that's what they're called, not too sure yet) and they run on electricity for a good period of time but I think can also run as most vehicles do now as well.
They're big and blue with orange stripes on them. The way the inside is layed out is similar to the newer buses. The only shitty thing is that if you're standing by the back doors, it's really hard to access the 'stop' button - they should change that because I found it very impractical.....

anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had seem them because I totally did a double take this afternoon as the bus pulled into the station.