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TTC Etiquette (the daily observations of an irate commuter)

I think dicksherwood should run for PM.

I fully agree with everything you're saying.

...now I'm just going to sit back and wait for otis to get up in this thread.
Originally posted by PinkAngeL

Cars are not the main contributory factor to polution etc.


taken from www.torontoenvironment.org

The main sources of smog causing emissions in Ontario are cars, trucks and electricity plants that burn coal. Ontario also ‘imports' as much as 50% of our smog from the US on the prevailing winds. Although the ever-increasing number of vehicles is the main culprit in the province, the 68% increase in emissions from Ontario's five coal-fired power plants over the last two years is a significant contributor.

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back to the topic at hand...
one of the single most annoying things i find ont he TTC each day are the a@@holes who inisist on getting on the train before everyone has gotten off...I've started telling them off lately, and in one case physically moved a guy who knocked a little old lady over as she was getting off the train so that he could get on...
news flash - the train isn't going anywhere so chill out!!
[/end rant]
^^^ Word!! Don't be pushing me blocking me from leaving the subway.

Same with evelators! If you let someone off first, it'll make it a lot easier to get on the subway or elevator. Plus it's such simple courtesy.

last week basic was blocked in the doorway of the subway (couldn't move to let anyone on or off because everyone around him wouldn't move) and some guy punched him in the back of the head to get him to move!!


basic told him to CHILL OUT.


Originally posted by Scorched Earth
What about idiots weaving between lanes trying to get ahead by the few inches to get where they are going 30 seconds faster? How about those lunatics who drive as fast as they can get away with? These are the kinds of people that cause accidents which result in loss of lives. Do you think that that is safe driving? Those people don't even know how to fucking drive! The road is not a racetrack.

Not that I drive like this or anything -- at least, not like I drive like I do not know how to, but you are basing your argument on a couple of very common misconceptions. And before I say this, let me also say that many of the people who do drive like this are fucking retards, but even still, the situation is not even close to as extreme as you think.

First of all, of all the accidents and deaths and injuries and such on our roads, speed is responsible for almost none of them. Trust me on this. Statistically (unfortunately I do not have access to these statistics at the moment, but regardless) speed is responsible for next to nothing compared with, say, impared driving, or driving like a lunatic for example.

Which brings me to the next misconception. Driving like a lunatic does save (or at least have the potential to save) time over the long-run. It's that little extra bit of speed, that daring manouever, that is often the difference between making a light or not, and over the long haul, it DOES save time. At least, it does if the driver doesn't get in an accident or run over a pedestrian or something.

In any case, I'd say some of the worst drivers in Toronto are the cabby-drivers. Who has stories?