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Try searching "rave" in youtube


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kaniz said:

Christina, 3rd place in the 2005 Malaysian 'Melbourne Shuffle' competition.

I never was a big fan of techno and trance, but watching the good dancers kept me in the room, at the sides, back in the day.

That Melbourne Shuffle... when done by most, it looks like an understated and uncoordinated 'hulla hop', when it's done right, it's entrancing.
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Aphrodite said:
any other good dancing? I don't want to sort through the crap

The rest of the finalists from the same competition:


Azmer was the winner of the comp., but his style is a lot more aggressive and masculine... not quite so cute and float-ey as the Christina dancer. The other finalists are okay, but noticably less cool. The whole site has a big section of videos devoted to shuffling, but as I said - your average Shuffle doesn't look all that great.

Check out the nerdy-lookin' white boy (orange tee) in the following clip. His pop-locking is insane:

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The Peej said:
yyyyeah that's pretty sick actually! Seeing all of this stuff is drowning my jaded right out and making me crave the rave!! LOL

Maaan that Chick just floats! I'd have flowed her around the club for a while back in the day!


a shuffle competition? crazy


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oh the melbourne shuffle..... when i was there in 2000 they were all amazed by my liquid styles..... hahaha... the stuff they dance to has more pop then what we have here... but...

Melbourne shuffle + eastcoast liquid = awesome times!

oh god thats so gay to admit!
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I find the different styles of dance really interesting, not "gay" at all

The big reason I got into breakdancing was the history and culture behind it


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vveerrgg said:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=bVu81x2lbg0&search=rave <- okay this guy is pretty good.. and good as in ... i remember what i wat doing and thinking in 1999 and being good at this is the equiviant of being the best at nothing. Like being the best elasticband/tinfoil/paper ball maker of all your friends.

just not right.

Actually no... this video was filmed in Philadelphia at club Space at a party called Braindance.

My name is Eric AKA (Liquid Pop Eric ) and I am the dancer in the video

Founding member Liquid Pop Collective.

I live in chicago now and do teach "liquid"

Hit me up

Your legwork is very nice but your arms need work. Of course these are old videos so I'm sure you've tightened by now.

If you're still in Chicago you should check Audiognomes parties (goa parties). There are two dancers who belong to Touch Samadhi (both DJs for that company) named Scott and Igor. Scott is without doubt the best liquid dancer I've ever seen; Igor a close second. Peace.