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Truths of the day


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Self Exel is not my trolling alias.

I am not a dj.

I like all tribe users.

I'm not trolling in this thread.

Vinder is my hero.
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I ate my Dad's Valentine's chocolate

It's all gone - I had a chocolate rage or something - lol

Werid too cause I NEVER eat chocolate


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Once again i'm the king of the playground.

I'm so self-absorbed.

Hey you!!! if you think i'm a figment of someone's imagination your a dumbass! yeah I called you a dumbass! what are you gonna do? nuthin!! yeah ahahah i'm on the internet.

If you don't perceive the inherent stupidity in the above statement then you are most likely going to think i'm the figment of someones imagination.

I am the anti-troll.
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The Tesseract

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I wear my sunglasses at night

I don't drink pepsi

I belch extremely loudly. I can best a 300lbs linebacker.

I steal car antennae's

I always sneeze in 3's

I like to make fun of Trekkies, because they love that show for all the wrong reasons.

Your girlfriend is carrying my child.

Like a monkey, I fling poo. Unlike a monkey, i use a shovel.

I honestly don't care if i'm liked or not by a bunch of people i don't know.

However, I find mutual amusement to be good for the soul or something.

I'm an dyslexic agnostic. I don't know if there is a dog.


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I'm introverted.

I like to keep a lot of things private.

I rather have a really great 3-hour conversation over beers than have a night of hot sex.

I hate the art scene.

I have a social anxiety disorder.

Eccentric (LRG)

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Originally posted by MoFo

I have a social anxiety disorder.
so do I.


I'm boy crazy

musically diverse

somedays I believe in god(s) other days I don't.

I lied when i said Valentines day wasn't going to get me down.

I hate G.W.Bush Jr, war, Americas outlook on everything not "american" and their gun laws.

I just waxed my eyebrows.

Also I just watched Cabin Fever and realised I'd still do Rider strong.
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Day Dream

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QUOTE]I'm an dyslexic agnostic. I don't know if there is a dog.[/QUOTE]

that explains truth better than I ever heard before.

I am not a troll, I am a faerie :D


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LOL, I have to be cought off gaurd and surprised. Otherwise I'm a big man and I can't do it.
The other day I fell in a hole, screamed like a girl and everyone had a good laugh at me. :)
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