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Trump Presidency

Stop Bill C-10


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White Nationalists, ‘Alt-Right’ Crushed By Flynn Resignation

"Disappointment over Flynn’s resignation, 24 days after assuming the role, was felt widely in internet discussion boards like Stormfront and The Daily Stormer, popular forums for white nationalists and card-carrying racists. Members blamed everyone from the media, Mike Pence, the intelligence community and Jews.

Andrew Anglin, creator of the neo-Nazi news blog The Daily Stormer offered his own commentary, labeling Flynn as “one of our best guys,” and describing the resignation as “definitely a loss. To the Jews.” The website’s readers agreed, several called Flynn “the kind of person we need on our team,” “stand up,” and that he was “too pro-white” for the administration.

A prominent “alt-right” news blog edited by white supremacist Richard Spencer also aired its dismay over the news, considering the resignation “a huge mistake.”

Michael Flynn was no stranger to controversy prior to his conversation with the Russian ambassador. He used his social media account to spread numerous fake news stories and conspiracy theories relating to Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

Reports of Flynn’s link to the alt-right movement surfaced shortly after he was tapped to serve as Trump’s national security adviser. CNN reported in November that Flynn regularly tagged alt-right figure and conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich in his tweets and even endorsed one of his books."

Infowars thinks Priebus is apparently the real enemy.


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Glenn Greenwald coming in with the logic and reason truth bomb. I know it'll be extremely difficult for some to understand.



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GG's full article is alright, calls the flynn leaks justified - don't disagree with most everything he says:

The Leakers Who Exposed Gen. Flynn’s Lie Committed Serious — and Wholly Justified — Felonies

But it does go to show there was more meat on these stories back when everyone was saying this russia stuff was being invented out of whole cloth. GG was right to express skepticism back then, no doubt - but clearly there was more substance than many were saying, those who ran with GG's skepticism on this as a reason to ignore the whole thing and suggest it was a manufactured conspiracy against trump.

There's usually a kernel of truth on all sides, this kernel was bigger than some were suggesting for sure now.

GG also gets points for reminding everyone how shitty everyone was to snowden, manning and rosen over and over again in his writing. Leaks are all about who is leaking - this determines whether they are "good" or "bad".

Trump will also leak things to his advantage all the time and his allies will too. Its kind of how shit works.
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Bernnie Federko

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I know it'll be extremely difficult for some to understand.



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Excellent piece!

Tomgram: Michael Klare, A "China First" and "Russia Second" Foreign Policy? | TomDispatch

Choosing Number Three

"For all his talk of placing America’s interests first, Donald Trump appears to be advancing the interests of China and Russia, not as the result of conscious policy, but because he’s driven by such a narrow view of America’s foreign policy priorities: counterterrorism against Islamic radicalism, the exclusion of Mexicans and Muslims from the U.S., and an improved balance of trade. The broader dimensions of international relations do not seem to register on his mental radar screen, such as it is.

How does this affect us? The biggest danger: that China and Russia will feel emboldened by Trump’s narrow-minded approach to seek geopolitical advantage in some area like the South China Sea or the Baltic Sea region that is either important to the United States or seen as bearing on its prestige and credibility. In that case, the president, feeling personally threatened or affronted on the issue of America’s presumed paramountcy, might respond forcefully, possibly igniting a major crisis with nuclear implications. Even if such a crisis is avoided, it’s likely that American influence in such areas as Eastern Europe and South Asia will diminish, resulting in fewer trade opportunities and possibly a rollback of rights and liberties (which could, of course, happen in the U.S. as well). Certainly, if his first weeks in office are indicative of what a Trumpian vision of an America First policy means, we are entering a period when the phrase “multipolar world” will gain new meaning.

Most important of all, the abandonment of U.S. leadership in the struggle to slow global warming will mean both the surrender of technological preeminence in the fields most likely to dominate the world economy in the decades to come and a far greater chance of planetary catastrophe. This should be considered a betrayal of all Americans -- and especially of those who voted for him in the belief that he would ensure America’s political and economic primacy."
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Are we going to pretend that press conference never happened?

Watched the whole thing live - what a gong show.

And he has no idea what the fuck the attack on Mosul means and why his line about how we "warned the enemy" referencing Mosul is such bullshit:

"There are a few things wrong with the businessman-turned-politician’s assessment, offered at a rare Sunday rally in rural Florida.

While Iraqi and U.S. officials are closely coordinating the fight against the terrorist group, which has held Mosul for more than two years, both Washington and Baghdad have made clear Iraq is calling the shots. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the military operation last Monday, with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter confirming shortly after. The troops leading the assault are overwhelmingly Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga; only afew hundred of the thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq are on hand to coordinate air strikes and advise.

At times, Baghdad’s lead has even caused open frustration among the U.S. military brass — the operation suffered numerous false starts — making it hard to believe that Obama’s political calculus and the U.S. electoral cycle somehow decided Iraq’s military strategy.

In a recent example, to the Americans’ chagrin, Baghdad plans to utilize its Iranian-backed Shiite militias to the west of Mosul, despite their reputation for human rights violations, including during the fight for Fallujah this year. Mosul is a predominantly Sunni city, and the Shiite-led government in Baghdad promised in the wake of international outcry after Fallujah that the militias wouldn’t enter the city.

The launch of the Mosul fight wasn’t exactly an “October surprise.” Encircling missions have been going on for months, and the Iraqi government been planning, and delaying, the offensive, for more than a year. American officials have for just as long been trying to speed it up.

In fact, Trump has previously hit the Obama administration for announcing military actions in Iraq, such as dropping leaflets or firing warning shots to give truck drivers’ notice before a strike. Iraqi forces dropped leaflets over Mosul in March urging civilians to rebel against ISIS control ahead of a (not so) imminent attempt to retake the city.

Such warnings can save innocent lives, and make the business of urban warfare a bit less fraught. For example, American B-52 bombers have been dropping pamphlets over Mosul in recent days, warning residents to remain indoors and stay away from known ISIS locations when the Iraqi Army enters the city.

They can also serve to intimidate ISIS fighters, potentially encouraging them to flee in advance of the offensive, as Martha Raddatz pointed out while moderating the second presidential debate, a notion military historians and experts back up.

Trump hit the Obama administration for not launching a “sneak attack,” and followed up in the last debate by suggesting the timing was intended to help rival Hillary Clinton. In reality, everybody, including the estimated 4,500 ISIS fighters holed up in Mosul, knew an assault on the city was coming. Military analysts note that strategic targets, like Iraq’s second city, are obvious objectives; so was Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, yet the allies assaulted it head on."​
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“To be honest, I inherited a mess. It’s a mess. At home and abroad, a mess,” he said.

Guarantee you Obama's mess that he inherited was worse


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Interesting that he didn't even sign it as President Donald J Trump or use Whitehouse letterhead or address it to citizen.
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