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Trump Presidency

Bernnie Federko

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"Today’s meeting wasn’t all that different from any other day at his Xanadu-vast bachelor’s quarters on East Seventy-First Street. Every day was a revolving door of friends, acquaintances, experts, visiting international dignitaries and despots, petitioners for contributions and investments, lawyers, and other holders of vast fortunes—a network of worldly influence and interest arguably as great as any in New York—who sat at Epstein’s dining-conference table, engaged in something that was part seminar, part gossip fest, part coffee klatch, part elite conspiracy.

Said Barak, seizing the conversation, “What I want to know from you all-knowing people is: Who is in charge, who is,” he said, putting on an American accent over his own often impenetrable Israeli one, “calling the shots?” This was a resumption of the reliable conversation around Epstein: the ludicrousness and vagaries of Donald Trump—once among Epstein’s closest friends. “Here is the question every government is asking. Trump is obviously not in charge because he is—”

“A moron,” supplied Epstein about his old friend Trump. For nearly two decades Trump and Epstein had been playboy brothers in New York and Palm Beach, until, in 2004, they had quarreled about a real estate deal. “At the moment, Bill Barr is in charge,” said Epstein. Barr, the new attorney general, was overseeing the Mueller report, which was shortly to be issued and to which Trump’s fate seemed immediately tied. Epstein spoke, in distinct Brooklyn twang, with merriment and confidence, a dedicated ebullience—which, together with infinite and tolerant amusement of the fallibilities of the people he knew, was his outward character note. The public grilling that would shortly ensue about how any decent person could come to Epstein’s house had a simple answer: for the pleasure of it. The welcome. The ease. For a few hours outside the ordinary.

“It’s Donald’s pattern,” said Epstein, ever the explainer of his old playboy buddy, “he lets someone else be in charge, until other people realize that someone, other than him, is in charge. When that happens, you’re no longer in charge.”

“A certain management approach,” said Barak. “But let me ask you, why do you think this Barr took this job, knowing all this?”

“The motivation was simple: money,” said Epstein.

“I’m shocked,” said Weingarten.

“Barr believes he’ll get a big payday out of this,” said Epstein. “If he keeps Donald in office, manages to hold the Justice Department together, and help the Republican Party survive Donald, he thinks this is worth big money to him. I speak from direct knowledge. Extremely direct. Trust me.”

“Always describe your direct knowledge as indirect,” said Barak, with his salmon and caviar now in front of him.

“I have impeccable indirect knowledge,” said Epstein."
I love how everything that Trump touches turns to shit.
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"As the House investigation into the Jan. 6 attack heats up, some of the planners of the pro-Trump rallies that took place in Washington, D.C., have begun communicating with congressional investigators and sharing new information about what happened when the former president’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Two of these people have spoken to Rolling Stone extensively in recent weeks and detailed explosive allegations that multiple members of Congress were intimately involved in planning both Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss and the Jan. 6 events that turned violent.

Rolling Stone separately confirmed a third person involved in the main Jan. 6 rally in D.C. has communicated with the committee. This is the first report that the committee is hearing major new allegations from potential cooperating witnesses. While there have been prior indications that members of Congress were involved, this is also the first account detailing their purported role and its scope. The two sources also claim they interacted with members of Trump’s team, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who they describe as having had an opportunity to prevent the violence."
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Mike Lindell couldn't stand still during the 2 minute song he and Flynn are always leading their fellow patriots on. Strong Rob Ford relapse vibes.

Flynn wants to turn the US into a theocracy - literally said he wants the US to be a Christian only nation.

Bannon turned himself in after defying the Congressional order, faces min 30 days in jail, max a year.


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<checks notes>

Tucker frickin Carlson??

How's the Federalist Society gonna write this one up??

"In the exchange, Carlson appears to thank Biden for penning a reference letter to Georgetown University — which Biden attended — for his son, Buckley"

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