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Trump Presidency

Trump gets it and survives he's never gonna shut up about how it was the toughest encounter of all, for all, and how he's the strongest, ultimate survivor, bigly iggly iggly
After his downplaying of the virus, and the complete ineptitude he and the Republican party have displayed about this - he'll probably want to put this far, far behind him and want this never mentioned again. Plus, he's a super germaphobe.

The guys at the Christian Broadcast Network were giving Trump major shit this morning for his lying and putting lives at risk. Those are the same guys that put the 700 Club on the air - they never turn on anyone they back - until today.

Fun fact - Trump's approval rating has never gone above his inauguration numbers - never happened before with a president.
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Anyone that's dumb enough to believe that Americans, much less this administration, will be smart and disciplined enough to practice proper self isolation, much less that it'll "blow over by July or August" is just fooling themselves.

Again, I think Trump knows this could and likely will not be forgotten come election time I wonder how many Republicans are double guessing their protecting Trump with how this is being handled?

Susan Collins seems to be showing some buyers remorse - only because she's looking at losing her Sentate seat.
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You can see how he is seeding racist anti China triggers into his tweets today. I worry that when the US death toll climbs into the millions he will retaliate militarily against China, or gin his base up so they ask him to attack China.
I can see a scenario where China recovers first or claims it has, and perhaps the US has a year of recovery ahead. With that delicate scenerio and an insane president, anything could happen.
I imagine the chinese are having some pretty high level discussions about responding to or pre-empting a US retaliation over this virus.
I remember my father, a WW2 vet, telling me that when countries are collapsing and millions of people are dying, absolutely anything can happen and scared and angry people are easily convinced to do very bad things.
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There have been suggestions that the coming, warmer weather will help to flatten the curve on this virus. There were similar suggestions during the lull during the first outbreak of Spanish Flu. The mass movement of troops and the arrival of cooler weather again, told a different story.

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