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Trump Presidency

WHats crazy is he was on the record saying "all he cares about is nukes"

While thats ALL the old deal did (on purpose, because smart people made the deal and recognized a narrow nuke deal was all that could be done, and would open doors to the other issues if pursued and achieved). This was one of the big criticisms of Iran hawks - that the nuke deal wasn't a Grand Bargain that stopped all other undesired Iranian behaviour in all other areas.

So he tore up exactly what - it turns out - he now says he wants.

THis is what happens when naive and stupid people are put in power
When you have a fucking idiot like John Bolton giving him advice, I'm not really surprised that Trump has painted himself into a corner. Bolton just wants to start a fight - any fight.


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Trump needs a face-saving way for him to reconcile the nuclear deal withdrawal and his demands and then also the "b-crew" demands. Is that even possible?


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Semantics aside, the fella’s not entirely off-base. I’ll chalk it up to the cultural and linguistic barriers and give him the point. ...or just fuck the PC crap and give him 3 for calling it like it is.
Its actually a nicer way of using a form of "retard" I think he gets a pass: the "afflicted" modifier and "ation" added to end of "retard" give it a more clinical vs pejorative vibe.

I say this as someone who thinks people use the word "retard" are classless jerks.