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True ORANGE on the 'puter


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What's the RGB code for bright orange? Like the "ING DIRECT" kind of orange? I want it to be bright.

and... can computers do fluorescent?
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I've never really been able to get an orange I like. It's always been brownish or redish... Orange is hard to do.


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umm you just want r - g - b values for a bright orange to be displayed on a monitor only? dont you have photoshop or any graphic app with color picker? d/l an image which has a bright orange colour you like then use the eye dropper tool to select it and it will give you an rgb value...in photoshop that is. or if you dont have it post a pic and i will do it for you.

TaCk OnE?

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he's probly talking about html code for colour schemes.

type html + color into google and you'll get html help sites.

if you're just looking to pick an orange for some reason, and you don't have photoshop / illustrator etc (which would make wanting it sort of odd) check into your monitors settings panel....

mine has a gamut selection thing, it'll tell you whats in gamut for your monitor.
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