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TRUDEAU mini-series ON NOW, Sun March31, 2002


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Notice the proper way to write a thread title with "NOW" in it... DATE and TIME....

*takes a bow*


I really liked the directing. Very 60s-ish feel. As for the story however, there was not too much in the documentary that I hadn't already learned.

And the actress playing Margaret Sinclaire looks uncannily like my ex which is rather freaky.

The second part with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be pretty interesting.


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Apart from a few minor things, I really enjoyed it.. can't wait to see the second part.

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yeah Im looking forward to seeing the other half tonight also...

but i cant say I really like the directing... I guess we'll see after the second part.


Klubmasta Will

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unfortunately, canadian tv producers always choose terrible time-slots. this is the most anticipated canadian television event in years and they chose to put it up against:

1. the ten commandments - an easter tradition for millions.

2. the simpsons, x-files, malcolm, etc.

3. the final game of the ncaa men's basketball final.

4. all the other stuff on last night (sunday night is extremely competitive).

take away all the classic movie watchers, simpsons and x-files fans AND sports fans and you really aren't left with much of a viewing audience.

Temper Tantrum

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Fuck I really wanted to catch this but I was trapped at the relatives with drunk familial characters.

I don't suppose anyone taped it?



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I have to admit I wasn't very impressed. It's like they were trying to turn him into a pop star, especially at the beginning with that Monkees, Help! style with the gaggle of girlies chasing PET and his assistants around. He was a politician fer chrissakes!! They also made him seem soft, like a flower child. In reality he was capable of being very tough and very decisive. I fell asleep just after he enacted the War Measures act so don't know how it finished, will be watching tonight.

btw the actress playing Maggie is gorgeous, had some wicked dreams about her last night.