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Truck collides with TTC bus - one dead.

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Article said she was waiting to get off the stationary truck, unless they mean something other than the bus.

I drove by at 415 and McCowan / Steeles was a gong show. Shitty deal.



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"Police report that the woman was waiting to get off the stationary vehicle when it was struck by the eastbound truck."

She was waiting to get off the bus, probably at the front entrance like many older people do. Sad.
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By the photos, I'm kinda not getting how the truck veered that way. Like he turned left too short and skidded? It's a pretty odd place on the bus to hit. Like you don't usually really turn till you get out to near the center of the intersection, particularly up on those wide Scarlem streets. I could see the guy hitting the driver's side of the bus or slamming into the side of the bus.

I guess he didn't make the turn at all and it started to veer as he was going straight before the turn while in the left turn lane. He's lucky he didn't t-bone into a car in the opposite lane and cause a few crashes.

Poor woman. :(


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My bet is that a car was making a left in front of the truck, and the truck swerved left to avoid it and ended up between the bus and the fence.


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driver of van charged with,
Criminal negligence causing death.
Two counts of criminal negligence cause bodily harm.
Dangerous operation causing death.
Two counts of dangerous operation causing bodily harm.
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.