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Tripwire and Domnahl...NL003...Feedback?


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Mine and Jay's release (The Habbo Way EP) is now out on Northern Lights and I'm hoping for any critical feedback you may have on it.


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here's my input


i've only listened to it about 5 times in total, so this won't be an in depth dissection by any means.

i'm loving the label side, just one question, where did y9ou guys fijnd that Loon sample? or is that even a loon sample? whatever it was, it's the first time i've ever heard it on a record, and let me say, hurrah!

as for the info side, i can't make a call on it yet. it's dope, no doubt, very good for layering on top of something, but i don't think i'd play it stand alone. but that's just me. :)

overall, based on my limited listens, i give it a solid 7/10. i have the feeling, however, that that rating will go up once i hear it on a big soundsystem.

i'll provide a more critical analysis once i've listened to it a few more times.

only thing i'll add for now is that the production is fucking crisp. outstanding sound gentlemen, outstanding.



ps - any idea when jay's remix of mastakilla and horny for your horns is gonna be released by Blue Daze?
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-nice, clean, crisp production on this release
- label side is definitely the choice track
-could use more variation in the drum programming
-some good elements but it didn't 100% do it for me (and my picky tastes)

keep on pressin' on...



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Thanks for the opinions and words on the release... they're much appreciated.

As for that loon sample Ethnik, I can't fully remember where we got it from...I'll pick Jay's brains next time I see him and see if we can get back to the source.



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Tripwire's email addy

Does anyone have Jay Tripwire's email address? I've been trying to get a hold of him in regards to doing some some production for my label.


Jay K.