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Trip Hop...


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i'd like to look more into these scene since i like the music so much. saw dj krush last spring and he was awesome...
anyone know of any good sites that list trip hop events/nights?


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D.J. Shadow Live Live Live!!!!

Whilst flipping through the bins at an out of town HMV I came across this gem today!!!

D.J Shadow mixed and cut by Q-Bert LIVE! Absolutely wicked!! It's 23 minutes of classic Shadow trip hop topped with the inhuman DJ skills of Q-Bert himself.

Looks like this was cut around 97' and appears on James Lavelle records.....

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i have a couple oldskool trip hop tapes iv encoded:
Dj Odessey - Trip Hop Blunted Drum Sessions Vol 1.
SugarDaddyMoth - (dont rmeebr the name)
both top notch. from back in the day.
email me if youd like an mp3 copy.


:: salathe ::

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shoutcast.com has good linkage to all types of internet radio including triphop. just gotta hit the genre pulldown menu on the right and choose ambient or downtempo.

where did u see krush?


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krush was at the opera house in april last year... april or may i forget... great party, great vibe, awesome dj'ing....