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Trinity Bellwoods Burlap Sack Puppet Show


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My friend and I saw the funniest thing on Friday at Trinity Bellwoods near Clafouti... While waiting for my friend I had noticed this burlap sack over at the park... Not paying any attention I just figured it was bag of rubbish then someone walked by it and these 2 puppets come out of it...

I waited for my friend to return showed her the puppets and walked over to investigate... There was guy in this burlap sac with 2 puppets one was a wrinkle dog puppet and the other was made from a coconut (Nawberry you would of been proud..Some good crafting skills were spent on this puppet)...

So the one puppet asked us for a topic ... I said the terrorist from Toronto.... The puppets then burst into song and sang about the terrorist it was hilarious I thought it was the best, totally improv.. We waited it out gave him some cash and went back across the street... It was even funnier to watch people get startled when the puppets jumped out of the bag... Much better than Puppets That Kill... Anyone see this guy?



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yeah, i've walked by that puppet show a few times, but i'm always on the other side of the street so i never get to properly see what's going on. it always makes me chuckle though.
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He was on Queen St. last week, right near all those street vendors near Peter.

A perplexed businessman walked by and nearly jumped three feet when the puppets came out of the bag.


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I saw this thing while we ate at Chippy's across the street on sunday. WTF?!? how can someone fit into that little burlap sack? uh yeah.
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cosmosuave said:
Anyone see this guy?

On Friday while I was walking by, his puppets tried to grab my attention, but I had music on.

I liked his gig and will request a show the next time I see him.


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poker face said:
That guy to me is a little wacked. I am sure he means well but he creeps me out.

true, but atleast he's contained in the burlap.

what about the guy who carves figures out of white soap? anyone ever see that guy around?

the soap sculptor and the puppetguy would be a good duo.